Precision Manufacturing With Waterjet Cutting From Megafoam

The need for precise, reliable and consistent parts within the automotive, aerospace, electronics, defense and security industries are critical. The frequency and importance of absolute precision to specifications are crucial to maintaining a successful manufacturing chain. Megafoam offers state-of-the-art waterjet cutting technologies. Our team works with you to design, prototype, test, and manufacturer the precision parts and materials you need to succeed.

There are many manufacturing scenarios where the element of heat or superheat is required to make certain materials flexible or pliable. Incorporating this process allows the reduction of time, cost, and energy required to meet the manufacturing requirements. With that being said, there are times that the materials used are sensitive to high temperatures, this scenario is the ideal candidate for the process known as waterjet cutting.

This technique involves the use of a thin, high-pressure stream of water to create parts, components, or shapes. The water stream or jet creates precise pressure within the range of 50,000 and 60,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). The waterjet contains particles of garnet (acting as an abrasive substance), which assist in the cutting of materials. Due to the loud volume of this operation, products or materials are often submerged in water.

Complex Parts & Materials Available

This cutting method can be utilized to create an array of products, shapes, cutouts of any complexity. Megafoam often works with the following parts and components via waterjet cutting:

  • Flat washers
  • Machine parts
  • Metal brackets
  • Automobile parts
  • Sheet metal boxes
  • Game consoles/panels

While most of the above parts are created from sheet metal, we are also capable of providing solutions for several other types of materials such as; Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Copper Alloys, Stainless, Plastics, Rubbers, Foam, Composites, Marble, Granite, Ceramics, and more.

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